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You Can Do Better!

It does not have to be the New Year to change your life. So often people think that they cannot do better than they are doing right now and that is just simply not the case. If you are serious about making a chance and bettering something, you can. It might take patience and tenacity, but it can be done. There are a few points to work on first, or even simultaneously. Whichever works best for you and your situation. Just know that you no longer must put it off; the time to be a better person is NOW. Here are a few places to start your personal transformation.


Face Your Fear Head On

I learned this a long time ago; the only person who will judge you for taking a chance is someone who never has. People who never put themselves out there to better themselves will never know what it is like to face fear, and either win or lose. Facing fear and losing can be such a humbling experience in the big scheme of things. However, it can be the best feeling in the world and the drive that most of us need to keep going. It takes courage to face fear head on; but you have it, just like every single person does. We just must keep digging deep for it.

Stop Wasting Your Time

Social media, phone games, distractions, and so many other things to be added to this list. Whatever it is if it is a distraction to you and your goals; remove it. Maybe if you can not or do not want to completely remove it at least monitor it, so it is not taking center stage. So often, we get distracted by phone games or social media, might even be a television program or channel. It is easy to get lost in the monotony of space filler activities. However, these are the activities that you really need to be careful of and monitor them closely, so they do not take control. You will see, as I did, once you put your foot down and require your time be filled with productivity you will feel so much more accomplished.


Stop Making Excuses

I have heard the saying ‘excuses are like buttholes, everyone has them’! As unorthodox as it is, it is honest. Stop making excuses that will do nothing but hold you back from your dreams. When you take ownership of yourself, your decisions, and your life you will see that you can and will be a much happier and successful person. The age-old excuses of being tired or too busy to do something need to go out the window. Those are the excuses that are holding you back and keeping you from your successes. Basically, when you use excuses, you are your own worst enemy and you are keeping yourself down and away from what you yearn.

I want nothing more than success and happiness for all my friends, colleagues, and associates. I did not know for a very long time if I was going to have it myself; but I feel I am at a good place in my life now. I am married to my best friend, loving my church family, enjoying my job, and now I am witnessing my passion of writing come to life for so many. This is truly what I have been working for; assisting others to make their dreams come true.

Thank You For Reading;


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