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Why Vegetarian?

Vegetarians chose this lifestyle for so many different reasons. Often, the reasons are quite personal. In my case the reasons began as personal but when I started noticing results and people began asking, I was happy to share. In fact, I ate as a vegan for a year, then tapered back into vegetarianism. Several reasons for that; but the main one was cost. It was more economical to eat vegetarian than it was to eat vegan.

Here Are the Top 3 Reasons I Stopped Eating Meat

1. Lose Weight: Quite simply, it is highly recommended to cut back on meat intake if you need to shed a few pounds. There are statistics online everywhere you look talking about obesity, body fat, saturated fats, sodium levels, and every other level you need to concern yourself with. However, I was only concerned with lowering that number on the scale. My weight got to a scary level and even I knew it was out of control. People looked at me differently, and because of that, so did I.

2. Live Longer: Through finding family members and uncovering more of my family history I have found that heart disease and hearts are quite common in my lineage. Not something I wish to go through, not now that I am finally happy in my life. It is proven that by eliminating meat it does help lower the saturated fats and the cholesterol in your body. The word ‘lower’ is good enough for me at this point. Anything I can do to lower my risks of leaving this world earlier than I am intended to, I am good with.

3. Save Animals: Okay, now before anyone comes at me with pitchforks raised, hear me out. I am not a huge animal rights activist; however, if I am able to have improved nourishment and avoid killing animals; I will. There are so many alternatives to animal meat, it is truly unbelievable. And quite frankly, I do not even miss it at all. at least a few animals got to breathe a little bit longer because I chose to eat meat free. And for that, I feel a little better about myself.

Now, I know many of my friends are vegetarians, and even vegans. Share with me why you chose to give up meat. Was it for medical reasons, personal reasons, or something else?

Until Next Time.


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