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What Freelance Work Do I Do?

Someone asked me this weekend; ‘What freelance work I do online for money’. Now, at first, I was trying not to burst into laughter because I could have taken that question and spun it into a whole sperate comedy hour. However, I chose to keep it clean. I began explaining to her the world of freelance work. It is not as glorious as it sounds, believe it or not. However, I figured if she had questions about it, other people might also. So, here I am going to answer a few questions as to what I do online for freelance work.


Food Related Freelance Work:

This is probably one of the most requested fields. There is a huge market out there for food blogging or recipe rewrites. Food blogging can include anything from developing or perfecting recipes to photographing food and menu items. There is also a market for freelance recipe curation. This would include writing of cookbooks or magazines. In some instances, it can even include video or TV work; however, I opt out of those as I am not an ‘in front of the camera’ type of person.

It is always a cool request to do freelance menu development. I have done this in accordance with restaurants and food trucks. Most people know I am part of a pretty popular Foodies venue on social media so they tend to ask because I know what the immediate community wants.

Lastly, and probably the most requested work as of late; freelance menu makeovers. I, once upon a time, ate meat. However, I do not anymore. I was 100% vegan for over a year or so. However, I have now ventured back into vegetarianism. By making this huge transition and being so vocal about it, restaurant owners have reached out to me to help them make their menus more meat-free friendly. One main reason I like doing this is because I know going meat-free for me at least was a huge decision and ever since I did; my health has improved. So, I sort of think I am helping people with their health at the same time I am giving them food ideas free of meat.

Freelance Work Terms:


Terminology is important when it comes to freelance work. As a writer, of any type, you must be aware of what you can and cannot do with that finished product. Just because you write it does not mean it is yours.

A white label freelance writer is very specific and must abide by very stringent guidelines. This type of a writer is not allowed to have their name attached to any of the writings in any fashion. This includes posting it or cross posting it on their own social media or web pages.

A ghost writer freelance writer has strict guidelines, but not as strict as a white label writer. A ghost writer will not acknowledge any writings as their own; however, they can cross post and share their writings. They can share the writings they have completed, just without their author signature. This is ideal if you are ghost writing for an item that you may get a kick back on if sold.


Allow Me to Write for You

If you are interested in having me complete some freelance writing for you; contact me at the below information and we can talk about what you would like done.

Kristina Riggs


214-779-8556 [call or text]

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