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Treat Your Face Well! Do Not POP!

For anyone that is curious; and I doubt any of you are, I am in my 40s! The reason why I am saying that with an exclamation is the fact that many people don’t believe me. Mainly because my skin is very clear and very clean of pimples or acne. I get the same question a lot; “why don’t you have any pimples”. Probably because I just take care of my skin. I know some people are prone to acne and for some people, it is just hereditary. However, for whatever reason, I have never had a problem with it. But I have always worked hard on my complexion and my skin to keep it healthy.

One of the biggest mistakes that many people do is pop pimples. This is something that you should never do! When you have a pimple, it just means that there is oil or bacteria that is trapped underneath your primary layer of skin. And believe it or not your body naturally heals and removes that oil and bacteria, without you popping! There are of course washes that you can use on your face that help. There are astringents you can use that will help draw that oil out. Using those keeps you from permanently scarring your skin. Whenever it is possible to not ever pop a pimple. They will drain and when they do just keep your skin nice and clean to keep away the bacteria.

Wash on a Regular Basis

Another trait that I have really grasped hold of is washing my face on a regular basis. Not just when I’m in the shower either. I purposely make certain that I wash my face at least twice a day. And since I live in Texas which is generally one of the hottest states in the region, I wash my face again after I have excessively sweated. This keeps the dirt and bacteria from going inside of those pores and breeding like crazy. Not washing your face or leaving sweat on your skin and allowing it to dry is a recipe for disaster!

This last piece of advice is really the biggest piece. Try your hardest not to touch her face! By touching your face with your hands, you are exposing every pore to all of the dirt and bacteria that are on your hands. And if you have ever taken a science class in high school then you realize all of the nasty and dirty bacteria that we have on our hands at any point in time. This is one of the hardest things for me to avoid. Mainly, because I wear glasses. And glasses being worn in a hot state do not mix. Because I am constantly lifting my glasses up to wipe the sweat off my cheeks. So recently, I have started to just take my glasses off, and not wipe my cheeks. That alone has made a huge difference.

Keep an Eye on Your Skin

Everywhere you look online there are going to be tips or tricks to have clean skin. There may be some of your friends selling moisturizers or skincare products that promise to clear all of your skin issues. I am not here to tell you what to do. All I am trying to do is to make you aware of what works for me. If it works for one 40-something-year-old female in Texas; chances are, it might work for you.

I am sure there are 10,000 other recommendations or ideas out there as well. And use the World Wide Web as trial and error so to speak. If you want to try out some techniques to see how they react to your skin, go for it. I just want you to err on the side of caution when it comes to putting chemicals on your face.

Until next time.



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