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To my 16-year-old self,

Hey there! Before you take another step, stop and listen. You don’t need to know how I know or why I know; just the fact that I know. Here’s a little bit of advice for you. Just trying to help you not derail your entire life moving forward.

5. Do not get in that car. Cannot get behind the wheel and do not turn the ignition on. There is nowhere that you need to go that is that important right now.

4. Value love. Love is not just someone saying that they love you. Love is not generally genuine and true at 16. Just because that boy says those words to you, does not mean that they are true. Trust me, he has ulterior motives.

3. Open up at those weekly counseling sessions. You might think they are stupid and uncalled for. But your caseworker knows that you need them to be able to heal.

2. Put the alcohol, drugs, and pills away. You don’t need them and they are not going to bring any positivity to your life at all.


1. Learn the true meaning of forgiveness. Especially for giving the adults in your life who you feel have failed you. Yes, it is true many of them have. But not all.

Loving on you from afar,

Your 40-something-year-old self

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