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The Hubs Gets Tuna Salad

Just because I am not a fan of meat, or the consumption of it, does not mean I make my husband go without as well. I will cook it for him whenever he asks for it. However, sometimes, I surprise him with a bit of tuna salad for his taste buds to enjoy. You see, he works second shift while I work first; so, I generally must ensure he has easy lunches. Mainly because he must walk to the lunchroom at his job, and it is not convenient at all for him.

Last night I made him tuna salad; this is how I did it. Let me know if you try it :)

These are the ingredients I used. I boiled a total of 8 eggs, but I will not use them all in this tuna salad.

Then I just gather what I 'hope' will taste good in it! Three cans of tuna fish, some Mayo, Dijon mustard, sweet relish, garlic salt with parsley, and the bagel seasoning [which we have been using on literally everything]!

I drain the water off of the tuna and pour all three cans in the bowl. Then dollop some Mayo and squirt some mustard. I am not big on measuring either, I should probably let you all know that :) I add a spoonful of relish and stir it up. This is when I break up the tuna and make sure it is nice and crumbly, not stuck together from being in the can.

Now that everything is mixed up pretty well I dice up four of the boiled eggs and add them to the mixture. It really is your preference how hard boiled you like your eggs. My husband likes his a bit on the soft boiled side, so that is how I do them. Once the water starts to boil I set a timer for five minutes and then, Voila! They are perfect for him.

I sprinkle some garlic salt with parsley and some bagel seasoning on top of that for added flavor. Since I am using garlic salt, I do not use iodized salt. That is just over kill in my opinion and it puts to much salt in his body. I mean, after all, I have to make sure he is still eating healthy, right?!

This is the end product that goes to work with him. Those extra eggs that I boiled earlier are for snacking throughout the day. Eggs are a great source of protein and vitamins for him, so he can pop one in his mouth if he gets hungry. I put the extra boiled eggs in a basic Ziploc bag and added bagel seasoning to them. This makes it easier to eat as a quick snack!

I have never been a huge fan of fast food lunches, especially for work. That means he would have to leave his job to pick it up or have it delivered. Both are poor options, and way to expensive in this day and age. At least by making lunches for him I know what he is eating and I know it is fairly healthy for him. He does splurge with his friend on Fridays and order their lunches. But everyone deserves a cheat day!

Enjoy Making This at Home!


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