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The FRIENDS Experience: The One in Dallas

Again, my husband one-upped me on a surprise Christmas experience. I know, I know…it should not be a competition…but come on…we all know it is, to a degree. Every year I try and try to surprise him with something he would never expect and each year; he beats me.

I have forever been a huge fan of the cast and TX show ‘Friends’. I have watched the sitcom, documentaries, interviews, and follow-ups every chance I get. I revel in their accomplishments and pray for them through their hardships. This year they have what is called ‘The FRIENDS Experience’ in Plano at Willow Bend Mall.

It is basically an experience that you, well I, will never forget. Photo ops galore, facts, props, and gift shops to explore. There are a total of 12 rooms that are recreated; including, Joey and Chandler’s apartment, the famous kitchen, and of course; Central Perk! Not to mention…wait for it…THE PIVOT COUCH! Yes, the PIVOT COUCH!

He bought the tickets online and we drove up there this morning to experience the whole event. I can say this; every single person we met was phenomenally nice and polite! I was shocked because they were busy, I mean extremely busy. However, the workers were assisting with keeping people moving, pictures, and even answering questions we may have had.

I am going to post my pictures here; I hope you all enjoy and most of all…I hope you all attend. Tickets are available until mid-January I believe. Go and enjoy, make memories, take pictures, and connect…or reconnect with family and of course, FRIENDS!

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