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Thank You for Never Leaving Me

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

The holiday season is always a hard time for me to get through. I am sure it is hard for many people; however, I can only speak for myself. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. It has taken me a long time to become thankful for what I have, how I am living, and who is in my life right now. But this year is a huge difference from others.

I have been pouring myself into The Word and trying to be a better person. I have not always been very nice, and I feel as though I need to make amends, even if it is with myself. I know I need to forgive myself for some things in my past. It has taken a very long time to realize I deserve to be forgiven as well.

This Thanksgiving I am going to see my son and his new wife. They have invited us to their home for the holiday. I guess I never really thought this day would come. Where my son would be married, happy, and inviting me to his home. But it has, and I am so happy for him. I am so happy he has excelled so well in his career and his relationship.

Over this past week I have been diving into the Book of Psalms and the verses I really want to share are from Psalms 139: 1-24 in full. It is lengthy so I will just give a basic synopsis of it. Simply put; God knows us better than we know ourselves. God knows what we think, before we act. He knows what we feel, how we feel, and what we discern. I love that His Word explains to me that I cannot escape His presence! I am not even trying to in the slightest.

While I have Luis with me, and I do love him so much, I know that my God will never leave my side. One day, unfortunately, my friends and family will leave me or vice versa. However, God is there for me. No matter what the circumstance. That is what I look forward to each day I live and least I know I can always count on Him.

Love Ya’ll,


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