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Thank You

There are no words to explain the feelings that are flying around in my heart and mind this morning. Let me ask you this; if you pray for something and God shows you [mentally] that it is going to happen, and then 2-3 days later it happens; what do you do? How do you feel? Who do you tell?

Again, what…do…you…I mean me…what…do…I…do?

I hugged my husband; I held on to him as tightly as possible. I cry. I wipe my tears and regain my composure and then, I cry again.

I will tell you what I do; I go on about my business as if nothing different has happened. As if I did not just see God answer my dearest prayer right in front of my face. As if I did not just see all my fears and all my prayers answered in one afternoon. As much as I want to go into detail, I just am not going to. I am just going to relish in the fact that God made His presence very well known to me this weekend by just being Himself.

This is the personal side of my blog; so, I can share as little or as much as I want. And truly, I just want to say thank you to all my friends who were with me and my husband this weekend. Those that embraced us and those that prayed with us. I am thankful for every single one of you.

Until Next Time.


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