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Cinco De Mayo :: Super Simple Cheese Quesadilla

Staying home for Cinco De Mayo... After all, I have work in the morning :)

Cinco De Mayo 2022 is on a Thursday; so that means there is work for me in the morning...Why is that important? Because it means I cannot go out and have drinks and celebrate with friends. It means I am cooking at home. So, this is what I get for Cinco De Mato dinner...

Super Simple Cheese Quesadilla

What You Need:

Ingredients can be generic, vegan, or vegetarian; however, you choose. After all, this is for you and your tummy :)

  • cooking spray

  • 2 flour tortillas

  • shredded cheese

  • sour cream

  • salsa

What To Do:

This is so super easy...You will be shocked.

  1. Heat up your frying on the stove.

  2. Spray one side of each tortilla with cooking spray, and spray the pan. You do not want anything to stick.

  3. Lay the first tortilla, oil side down, in the pan.

  4. Take a handful of shredded cheese and place it on top of the tortilla in the pan.

  5. Lay the second tortilla oil side up on top of the cheese.

  6. Allow the quesadilla to cook for approximately 5 minutes and then flip. Cook approximately 5 minutes on the other side.

  7. Remove from frying pan and place on paper towel to cut.

  8. Serve with salsa and sour cream. Maybe even try some avocado!


Enjoy Your Cinco De Mayo!


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