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Taco y Vino / Taco & Wine Bar

Bishop Arts District has a small, but surprisingly well-rounded, meet-and-greet location on its hands. They are located at 213 W. 8th St. in Dallas, and currently offer full-service, including patio and inside dining. We were a party of four and decided to go have lunch. Here are the results; good, bad, and not so ugly.

When we arrived first impression was - it is LOUD. Not even from the people, the music was way too loud. Now, we were lucky enough to get a table, as it is not very big inside, it is very quaint though. It is actually a small house converted into a restaurant/bar arena to sit back and relax. The only parking available is on the street unless you want to pay for parking in one of the manned parking lots in the community.

What I ordered: They have vegan/vegetarian options! Fried Avocado, Nopalitos, and Black Bean Tacos. These are vegetarian but with small alterations can be made vegan, but make certain you tell them which you want, and be clear. For an appetizer, they have Jalapeno Artichoke Dip; which was phenomenal! I enjoyed this with a basic white wine.

The wait was pretty extensive for our waitress, and none of us could really pinpoint; why. When she did arrive we got our water and menus, then waited, again. When she returned for our orders, she disappeared again, for quite a while. Returned with food, then gone again, for a long time. When she dropped the bill, I had to wave her down to take payment. The wait was in my opinion, the biggest issue here.

The biggest question is always; Will I Go Back... Honestly, probably not. Not because it was not great food, but because it was. But between the location and the price; it did not come together as one. The prices are pretty extensive and when the staff is not entirely attentive it sort of spoils it for me. I am; however, very glad I got to try it, and with some great friends as well!

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Taco y Vino / Taco & Wine Bar Web Address:

Taco y Vino / Taco & Wine Bar Physical Address: 213 W. 8th St., Dallas, 75208

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