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Stress...We All Have It...

Stress is alive and well in all of us; some just handle stress differently than others. But do we even know how to ease stress from our own bodies? It stands to reason that stress is our own physical reaction to the demands on our lives. So, would stress management not be equally important as stress reduction? Too many people think there really is no healthy way to do it; but there is.

First things first; you must realize that you are important enough, to yourself, that you deserve your personal stress level to be lightened. It is not for anyone else’s benefit – only yours. Reducing stress will help encourage positive changes in your own life. From physical to emotional it stands to reason there will be great improvements.

Here are just a few things that you can implement immediately to help reduce stress in your life and on your body.

· Say No: and mean it. It is ok to say no to a task or a favor asked by someone. By saying ‘no’ it is showing that you realize you do not have to meet the expectations of those around you. It is not degrading or negative to the one asking; just be honest with your response. Say ‘no’ and explain it will cause unnecessary stress in your life that you are not willing to commit to right now.

· Expectations: should be set and maintained at all costs. One of the healthiest guidelines to harbor is the realization that not all goals are going to be met with a 100% satisfaction rate. You cannot please everyone all the time. Everyone’s life is busy and will from time to time become overwhelming due to stress. It is during those times that it is okay to realize that by pacing yourself you will have a more effective outcome.

· Eat and Drink: responsibly. Far to often people want to attempt to alleviate stress with a glass of wine or stiff drink with a big meal. While this may seem like a grandiose idea in the heat of the moment it will cause more issues than not. Caffeine and alcohol can both contribute to the negative effects of stress on the body.

I know, I know…it is very easy to tell someone else how to manage stress in their lives. However, how do you manage stress in your own life? For me personally I do a few things on a regular basis. I have installed a deep breathing app on my watch that makes me stop and breath, forcing me to refocus. There is also meditation, exercise, and a walk with my dog. I have attempted to get on board with counseling, but I just could not. It is not for everyone, that is for sure.

The thing to keep in mind is that it is never okay to give up. That is one avenue I will not go down. Not now and not soon, that is for sure. It is true; my job is stressful, my after-hours job is stressful, I fight anxiety issues, and running a household is equally stressful. However, giving up is not in my vocabulary and I pray that it is not in yours either.

Thanks For Reading.


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