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Straight into the Devil’s Arms

There have been so many different circumstances thrown in my path that could have directed me straight into the devil's arms. Thankfully, I am not there now. Thankfully, I know that my God is holding me. Literally on a daily basis.

I not going to sit here and say that I read the Bible every moment of every day. I don't. I do, however; try to just simply be a good person every day. That in itself sometimes is more difficult than anything else. I have anxiety from I don't even know where that literally causes me to shut down completely and not want to be around anyone. If I knew why, or where it came from, I would certainly fix it. However, apparently, those are not answers for me to have right now. So right now all I can work on is damage control.

Mark 6:50 NIV

50: because they all saw him and were terrified.

Immediately he spoke to them and said, “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

This verse is one that I have fallen in love with. Anyone that knows me personally knows that I am not one that can memorize Bible verses and just spew them out. I just cannot do that for some reason. I read God's word and I take it to heart. I have tried to do memorization techniques in the past and they just don't work for me. But when I come across a verse like this one, I just imagine that it was written for me.

I imagine that when I have an issue with anxiety like I am right now while I am writing this, these words are written solely for me. I am being told to take courage. I am being told to not be afraid. In my opinion, this is perfect timing. I need to hear this verse. I need to recite this verse over and over in my mind. If not to do anything else than just to calm my spirit right now.

There are so many different ways that other people help curb their anxiety. This just so happens to be mine. I use CBD oil and God's word to help calm me down. And if that does not work then I grabbed my phone and I have a laundry list of people that I can call. Thankfully, that has not had to happen for some time. I do feel as though my anxiety is getting better. There are times when I feel just fine. And my complete sense of anxiety attacks is few and far between now. These are aspects that I am completely thankful for.

I strongly suggest anxiety reach out to a lifeline. Don't ever give up or give in at all. My current lifeline is my oil and my Bible. This will not work for everyone. But for right now it is working for me. And if anybody needs any help or guidance you are more than happy to reach out to me. I will do whatever I can to help you. Simply because I know what you are feeling. I am in that same boat with you right now paddling right next to you.

Until next time.


Blueprint Community Church

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