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Small Business Saturday!

What?! I had never heard of this ‘holiday’ until this morning. You see, as many of you already know, I am an admin for several social media pages and APA pages on the web. I must be honest and admit I have never published for Small Business Saturday before. However, I woke up today to 3 different requests for me to write for companies wanting to jump into the spotlight and grab ahold of the coattails of this KW being splashed all over the internet. Of course, I agreed! I mean, I am no dummy when it comes to making a profit for my own family and getting my work out there. But, in all reality, what is it?

After very little research, I found that it is a ‘man-made’ holiday that is focused on dedication to supporting all small businesses throughout the entire country. It was founded by none other than American Express! It has been known for 10 years now and the day it is celebrated is the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Participation is surprisingly simple; business owners ensure you are open or online open for purchases, mandate participation in all health and safety rules [Covid, of course], get a killer marketing campaign, offer unique deals and specials, and even partner up with other small businesses if you can!

This little ‘holiday’ could mean the difference between a small business staying open, or closing their doors, for good. Choose wisely when shopping.

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