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Sleep It Off

Far too often you hear "sleep it off" and you automatically assume it has something to do with drugs or alcohol. Maybe someone is high on something or drunk and they just need to "sleep it off" to feel better. But that is not the only thing that happens when you "sleep it off".

Our bodies physically need to reset or reboot on a regular basis. That is why we are all programmed to sleep. Nowadays, people get so busy and think that they are entirely too busy to sleep. I am guilty. I am one of those people. I am one of those people that is so convinced that I am so busy, I don't have time to sleep. Recently, I have been praying for ways to continue down this track of becoming healthier. I have been losing weight, I have been working on my anxiety, and I have purposefully been working on my sleep as well.

When you lay down and allow your body to experience a good night's sleep you can wake up so refreshed and you will not feel that physical tiredness. You might not be aware of this at all but getting enough sleep can actually help with distress, stress, and mental illness.

I know for a fact, and from my own personal situation, that when I do not allow myself to get enough sleep or sufficient sleep then I have extreme difficulty solving the easiest problems the next day. It makes it more difficult for me to remember and it makes it even more difficult for me to register for the basic activities. And I am talking about activities that I do on a daily basis that generally take no thought at all.

Had to accept the fact that allowing myself to fall asleep is not depriving myself or anyone else of anything. I allow myself and my brain to reset so that I am at optimal performance the next day. This is so difficult to do when my anxiety is in full swing. However, this is why I am all the more grateful for the anxiety CBD oil that my husband buys me. It truly does help despite what anyone says.

This is not a blanket solution for everyone by any means. However, if you are working vigorously, doing multiple jobs, or just putting yourself out there more than normal; you will want to make sure you are not neglecting your sleep. Otherwise, chances are you will be neglecting your responsibilities very soon after. It is a very fine line that each person individually needs to identify with. Once you do, you will notice positive changes, almost immediately.

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