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Saving Money Does Not Need to HURT

Let’s face it, we could all afford to save a few dollars here or there. Most of us have probably tried to, and ultimately found something that the money could be spent on, and Poof it is gone! As quickly as we try to save it, we find places to spend it. This blog is to help with small changes that will not negatively impact your wallet and at the same time build a safety net. Which, we all need to have.

  • Write numbers 1 thru 52 on small pieces of paper and place them in a special jar. Every week: pick a number and that is how much you automatically transfer into your savings account. One week you get a 4 and one week you get a 44. Whichever it is make that deposit and forget about those dollars.

  • Really dig deep into your ‘subscriptions’ and how much you are paying for them. If you have several of the monthly viewing subscriptions; which let’s face it, we all have them; check to make sure they are not overlapping each other. Ask yourself a few questions as to how often you watch using that service or if you use it at all. Some subscriptions we get for one show; just one! Watch a different show and save your money!

  • If you live in a home where you pay your energy bills separately; watch those balances! You can do simple things to help. Like, wear a sweater if you are cold or turn on a fan instead of an HVAC system if you are hot. It is beneficial to open a window and get fresh air as much as possible to acclimate to your surroundings. This helps with moderating body temperatures, which in turn, keeps those energy bills reasonable.

  • Cook at home! I cannot stress this enough to people. Eating out and eating fast food is not only horrible for your body, but it is horrible for your wallet as well. This fascinates people that I am such an advocate for eating at home, while at the same time I am the admin for one of the largest Foodie Pages on Facebook in our entire state! I look at these two ways; it is cheaper, and I know what is going in my food.

  • Participate in online grocery shopping. This is a new feat for me, and I have fallen in love! Doing my grocery shopping on my phone, online, and then picking it up at the store. This became more popular after Covid and has allowed for fewer people to interact with one another. It has also saved me a ton on impulse buying! It forces me to look at my needs versus my wants. I might want Twinkies right now, but do I need them!

Above all else, just implementing even one of these steps will help keep a little money in your bank account at the end of the month. When you set a goal; work towards it and do not give up until you meet it! Make them reasonable goals at first; save $100, $500, or even $1000 this next year. Whatever your magic number is; do everything possible to reach it. Keep it in savings and allow it to earn interest.

Thanks for Reading;


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