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Respect Your Fellow Coworkers

It is repeated over and over as to how important respect in the workplace is. While it is important for management to demonstrate respect to subordinates it is equally important for fellow streamline employees to respect each other. Without respect being demonstrated in the workplace the results can most definitely be a disaster. This is even more evident where teamwork is present; respect can go a long way when team members are working closely with one another on projects.


Quite often employees can feel unappreciated and even devalued if they are not respected by their fellow team members. While standing on the side lines with the same people you work next to everyone should feel an equal amount of respect and value. When that does not happen, things begin to unravel quite quickly.

I hear the saying ‘treat others how you want to be treated’ thrown around a lot. And while that is true in many ways it needs a little tweak to it now. Possibly ‘treat others the way you need to be treated’. There is certainly a huge difference in our own wants and needs. In my opinion a need is something you will fight for, much more than a want.

Here are just a few points to keep in mind when it comes to showing respect to your fellow coworkers:

· Tone of voice and inflection are huge – speak mindfully and remove any aggressive tone

· Be kind, courteous, polite, and encouraging whenever possible – work may be the only place your coworker receives those accolades

· Listen and do not interrupt – allow your coworkers to finish their thoughts before interjecting or offering a secondary opinion

· Take fellow coworkers’ ideas into account and utilize them when you can

· Do not belittle or put down a person or their ideas


When all else fails just remember that respect will breed a happy and healthy workplace environment for you and your fellow coworkers. By remembering also, that it will not be easy all the time and there will be obstacles to overcome it will make for a much easier work relationship for both sides. There are two things that a respectful work relationship will produce: higher employee retention and a better appreciation of your company in the face of the community.

Work hard to produce both; with something as little as respect for one another.

Thanks for Reading!


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