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Poor Richard’s Café in Plano, Texas

When I received a request to review Poor Richard’s, I jumped at the chance! I have been several times; however, I have not been in quite some time. So, I was due for some grits! And what better place to get them than Poor Richard’s Café! So, buckle up, here we go…

There is usually a wait to get a table in the morning, especially on a Saturday, so I was shocked when we got one right away. My husband was in tow, and we followed our hostess through the maze of tables until we got seated. The place is packed, of course. However, it is not an unruly or rowdy type of place. There is chatter, laughter, and people enjoying their meals. Nothing crazy or out of hand.

Once we got seated, we got our menus and began looking over this new menu. This new menu is awesome, and extensive. One thing I love is the fact that there are so many options for those of us who do not eat meat. I got the veggie omelet that was loaded with sautéed onion, peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes, with cheddar cheese. It came with a side of grits, and a biscuit and gravy [no meat in the gravy]. My husband gave me his sliced tomatoes, which I was not going to refuse!

The wait for food was not extensive, even with them being busy. I was really surprised about that! The coffee was super fresh and every person that walked the floor was making sure tables had what they needed. Asking if customers needed refills, if everything was good, or if anyone needed anything additional. The customer service from the floor was refreshing to watch. And, if you know me, you know I am a huge people watcher!

Once the food was delivered to the table, we were totally impressed. Very fresh and hot! Everything looked great! It was steamy hot, and you could tell it was not waiting in the window to be picked up and brought to the table. Below is my opinion:

Veggie Omelet: Packed with veggies and cheese! It was good, and one thing I wanted to point out was the fact that it was cooked fully. I am not a fan of having runny or soft areas in my omelets. Thankfully, there were none here!

Grits: Very smooth with no lumps! This is huge for me, I love grits, but I despise lumpy grits. These were perfect and smooth. These grits would be great, either sweet or savory. Thankfully I like a little butter and sugar on mine.

Biscuit & Gravy [not pictured]: The gravy was spot on and seasoned well. I added some gravy to my omelet as a matter of fact. The biscuit on the other hand could have been in the oven a little bit longer as it was a bit too soft in the middle. Not saying it was raw by any means, just a little too soft in the middle.

Tomato Slices: These were from the middle of the tomato with no stem portion visible, so I was super happy with that. I cannot stand it when you get the top piece of a tomato, it is just not appealing at all.

By the end of breakfast my husband and I agreed we needed to go walk it off because we were both so full! There was nothing on our plates that we felt the need to criticize or send back to the kitchen. The breakfast and the staff were all great. Would I go back? Absolutely. Will I recommend it to others? Sure thing!

Go & Enjoy!

Until Next Time,


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Poor Richard’s Café Web Address:

Poor Richard’s Café Physical Address: 2442 K Avenue Plano Texas 75074

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