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Pluckers in Addison, Texas

Ten days ago I walked into Pluckers, on a very busy football-watching day! One thing I love doing is reviewing a restaurant when they are busy. That tells me pretty much everything I need to know about that restaurant and its employees.

There were three people in our party; my husband, our aunt, and myself. I am the only one that eats "meat-free" so that is what I am going to do the review on. This is primarily because Pluckers now offers meat-free options on their menu. I have to admit right off the bat I was surprised at how many different meat-free options they have.

As an appetizer, we got the Holy Macaroni; this is basically fried macaroni and cheese. For my individual meal, I got the Impossible Burger, with a side of tater tots. I ventured out there a little bit and got a small side of queso just to use as a dip if it was needed.

I have to admit the Holy Macaroni was much more than I expected. It was four fairly large chunks of macaroni and cheese that were breaded and then deep-fried! It did come with two different sides; ranch dressing and a type of vinaigrette. These were by far amazing! I ate two of them by myself. I was not a fan of the vinaigrette dressing, they really could've left it off of the plate. No one at the table really enjoyed that.

The Impossible Burger was inundated with lettuce and kale. This was absolutely not necessary. I actually ended up taking off the majority of the lettuce and all of the kale. Once I removed it there was still lettuce on the burger that was stuck in the sauce and cheese. However, the taste and seasoning of the burger were phenomenal. I have had this patty at other restaurants and this was by far one of the best. The tater tots were hot and fresh.

The small side of the queso was extremely spicy. I actually had to pass this off to my husband and my aunt because I could not eat that. It was far too spicy for my palate. Now that is not saying much, because I am not a fan of spicy food at all. However, I have had queso in other restaurants that I have been able to tolerate because the spice level was moderate.

Leslie was our waitress and she was amazing! Of course, with my specific eating, I had several questions, and she had every answer. She checked in on us, but not too much. She was social and cordial, and very polite. It takes a lot to impress me, but she did. I watched her run the other tables that she had and she did a fantastic job with them as well!

When we were done I spoke to the manager, Ron. I let him know how fond I was of our waitress and the food. I also let him know that I was there to do a review of his restaurant and personnel. I always do this at the end of my meals so there is no preferential treatment. He was very reciprocating and appreciated the praise regarding his waitress and staff. He seemed like a pretty good manager from what I saw. He was out on the floor meeting and greeting customers to ensure that everyone was taken care of.

Now to answer the question that everyone asks; what was the bill? I am going to be honest here as I was shocked when the bill came out. For three people to eat with a modest tip our bill was just shy of $100 for everything. That shocked me, especially at what I consider to be a burger joint.

Go Enjoy it for Yourself and Let Me Know What you Thought!

Until Next Time,


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Pluckers Web Address:

Pluckers Physical Address: 5100 Belt Line Rd. Ste. 520, Addison, TX 75254

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