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One of Those Days

Posting a blog on a Sunday is not the norm for me. Most of you already know that. But, yet, here I am. Sunday afternoon, about 4ish and wonderful weather outside, I am on my laptop inside. Reflecting on my day. You may not think it was so fantastic from the outside looking in, but to me it was phenomenal.

It started out like any other Sunday. Got up, showered, made breakfast for the hubs, and went to church. I went by myself today, which I usually do since the hubs are not quite ready to go with me. I am a patient person, God is too, so we can wait. While I was there I felt something like no other. I felt an overpowering need to pray. Not for myself, but for others. See I have an online friend named Juan who recently had emergency gallbladder surgery and he is recovering. But it is hard. As it would be for anyone. He could not make it to a church house today so he asked for prayers. I said I would, and I did.

But it was different. It felt different. It made me feel different. I felt so calm. So serene. Like no one or nothing else was there. Just I and God. as if I was just talking to a friend of sorts. Imagine if you will; go to a friend's house and pull up a chair for a conversation. That was God and me.

I explained to God what was going on as if He did not already know. But I explained to Him what I was praying for specifically. I did not want to leave any stone unturned. I didn’t. I covered Juan in prayers, my husband in prayers, and my friends and family. I prayed for those that do not yet know God but need to. I prayed for those that are lost, and for those that are ‘pretending’ to be found. I left no one unprayed.

This is why I love my church family so much. No one ran up to me and tried to pray with me, they left me be. They did not interrupt my convo with God. They let me finish when I was ready and they carried on as if all was cool. Because, quite frankly, it was. I mean a church house is for prayers to be spoken, heard, and acted upon. But today, I felt that mine was heard. I felt God take those prayers from my lips and assure me that He has them now, so I can quit worrying about them.

Thank you for listening to my rambling. Just another reason I love my blog. It is mine, my words, and my woes. I write what I want, whether someone reads it is their own business. But my mind is free now.

Love you All;




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