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Old Yeller

When friends sit down in a circle to socialize with one another it is common to talk about movies; and what is the most popular with everyone. When people ask me this question it is very easy for me to tell them which movie was the absolute worst, and why. The worst movie I ever saw was “Old Yeller”. Bottom line, no questions asked, that is the worst movie I have ever experienced in my life.


The film came to the screen in 1957, following the novel which came in 1956. It was based in the 1800s over a family that lived in Kansas; and their dog. Ultimately in the movie, Old Yeller was killed, and not in a calm or reserved passing. I think this is why it bothered me so much. Because the death of the dog was so graphic, and ultimately so real.

I understand that death is not great. But I also understand that in a time this early it should not be publicized on television to be so final and so great. I tried to watch the movie several different times throughout my lifetime; every single time and the same way. I never got through the entire movie. I think it was the fact that mentally I knew what was going to happen to that dog. And as long as the outcome for that dog was going to be death, I was not interested.

Now let’s be realistic, I know that not all things live forever. But I also know that lives should not be openly ceased on television. Especially not the lives of animals. This dog was an openly known troublemaker. He would steal meat from the smokehouse and rob the nests of the hands. However, everyone loved them.


Personally, this is how life can be referred to for humans. Not everyone is going to love you all the time. Not everyone is going to embrace all of your decisions. However, if you embrace your decisions because you know that they are the right decision for you in your life; then guess what, they’re the right decisions. You don’t need a cheering audience to let you know that what you’re doing is right.

Allow this article to go in a different direction. It is a shame that this pup lost its life on television. But as a good person, you don’t have to lose your life in public. You don’t have to lose your self-esteem. You can still walk through life with your head held high. There is literally no reason why you can’t. The decision that you make for yourself, or your family, may not be the right decision for someone else. But guess what; if it is the right decision for you and your family; then do it. There are many decisions that I have made where people have asked me ‘why in the world I did it that way’! My only honest response was; ‘it worked for me and my family’.


Not everybody understands. And that is okay. If you as an individual know that you are doing the right thing by yourself and your family; then it is the right thing to do and you do not need to waiver. If you end up watching this movie all the way through you may see some telltale signs that I never saw because I never watched it all the way through. And that is totally up to you. You may learn something new. If you do, congratulations! However, the question at hand was for me to explain the worst movie I ever saw. So there you have it.

Talk to you Later!


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