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Oh, Fatburger! Oh, Fatburger!

I have never heard of this burger restaurant before. However, when they hit the ground at Firewheel Mall; I knew I had to go check them out, and quick! I waited for a week to let the newness settle down and visited this past weekend. I was with a group of friends and my husband. So I was able to get feedback from everyone.

When we first walked in we were greeted by literally everyone in the restaurant with a hearty "Welcome to Fatburger"! Which I thought was great. It was not busy at all, actually, it was pretty empty. There were maybe 8-10 other people in there. When we got to the register this is what we ordered:

Hubby: Fatburger meal, large; with no lettuce, no tomato, no onion, add cheese and add bacon. With onion rings instead of fries and a medium soda.

Me: Impossible burger with no bun, add nondairy cheese (which I was later told they did not have after I paid for it, but they substituted extra onion rings for my husband in place of it). With sweet potato fries and a vegan Maui banana shake with no vegan whip (this is only because they did not have vegan whip).

The woman that took our order was extremely helpful in understanding and determining the menu. This is really important to me as a customer because I eat vegan whenever possible and when I cannot eat vegan I eat vegetarian. So having her help me maneuver through the menu items was extremely helpful. Before walking in here I literally had no idea they had so many vegan options.

We paid, we were given a number and we were told to have a seat and they would bring our food to us. While waiting for our food we notice that the lobby was extremely clean. They do have a patio which will be nice on days that are not too hot. And it seems like everyone worked well together. I did not hear any bickering or arguing between staff members or anything negative like that.

When they brought the food we were a little surprised. I guess for the price that we paid we expected a little bit more. However, when you think about it, it really is just a burger and fries. I did like the fact that they put my food in a bowl so that I could mix it up. I am sure this was done because I did not get a bun. However, either way, it was nice of them to do that.

The end result is this: we probably will not be back. Not because of the taste or the service. Because both of those were phenomenal! It would simply be for the price. For what we ordered and what we paid; there is just no explanation as to why it was so expensive. Two hamburger meals with a soda and a milkshake cost us $50.80 total!

We sat and spoke with the manager, Sean, for a bit about his restaurant and they have grandiose plans. And I really hope and pray that it all works out in the end. However, I have seen businesses come and go in this mall very quickly. And quite frankly, the way the economy is right now no one can really afford to eat a $50 fast food meal, more than once.

As always I recommend you go check it out yourself and make your own determination. This is only my opinion.

Until Next Time,


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Fatburger & Buffalo's Express: 365 Coneflower Dr, Garland, TX 75040

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