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National Tick Tock Day

We made it to the end of the year…now is the time to clean it up before the new one starts. That is what this day is focused on. No, it is not National Tik Tok Day, notice the spelling. This is when the year is winding down and things are slowing down to get ready for the new one to start. Take this time to finish out projects you have put on back order or clear items from your schedule before the new year begins.

Before you think I just made this up and this is not a true holiday, it really is. Let me assure you. Thomas and Ruth Roy named this holiday, along with many others, a self-made and self-promoted company called Wellcat Holidays. Of course, they would copyright the holidays, but really all they could do was add them to the calendar in hopes they would catch on.

This is just a reminder to start clearing out the calendar before the New Year hits. There is no better feeling than starting new & fresh!

Here’s To A New Year – 2023! We Got This!

Until Next Time, Kristina

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