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National Blogger Day :)

There is a day designation for seemingly every hobby imaginable. Today, August 5, of every year is #BloggerDay and I could not be any happier about it. If there is one thing that I excel at, it is my writing. And having a day that is designated to me and what I love to do is just so exciting for me.

As with anything, there is a history involved with blogging. In the 90s the Internet forum software conglomerates actually created “threads” throughout conversations on the web. In 1999, Blogger was actually established by Pyra Labs, which is an American-based company. Not many people will care about that tidbit of information, but it is good to know.

Then we move into 2003 when Blogger was actually bought by Google for an undisclosed amount of money. Which was probably a ridiculous amount! Then, we continue with Google buying everything under the sun, like Picasa. In 2004, they made that purchase and incorporated it with Blogger. So they are all intertwined. Now, last but not least, is Invader, which was bought in 2006 and is ultimately an updated version of Blogger.

So, there is your little history lesson over blogging. If you are still awake and reading then I would like to update you on a little bit more. However, this is more personal information about my own blogging.

My first blog of 2022 was about my new iPhone XR case and why I fell in love with it, immediately! Not only do I still have the same phone, but I still have the same phone case! Mainly because it is covered in sloths and anyone that knows me well enough knows that those slow little devils are my favorite :-) I remember writing this blog because I went over every single detail associated with this case. I liked it then and I still like it now.

Another memorable blog that I wrote was on April 14th and it was all about how to respect your fellow coworkers and why it is important. So often people think they don’t have to respect anyone, for whatever reason. It is just not true! I don’t care about the age, race, sexual preference, or religion of a person; everyone deserves respect. I remember pointing out a few tidbits to keep in mind when showing respect to coworkers; your tone of voice, being kind or courteous, not interrupting, and entertaining your coworker's ideas. These are all very important to the workplace continuing to be harmonious.

Lastly, this is probably one of my favorite blogs that I have written this year. It references how to love an addict and stay sane at the same time. Addiction is hard to get around. This is especially true when that addict is a close friend or family member. Quite frankly and entirely too often; people want to throw the relationship out of the window rather than try to fight for it. There are ways that you can love an addict. One of the biggest points that I stressed in this blog was to maintain a healthy boundary for a healthy balance in the relationship itself. There always needs to be clear and concise communication and rules. This is so both sides can succeed and flourish.

I really do not see blogging coming to an end for me anytime too soon. I have had so many people tell me that I need to write a book and include all of my blogs in it. I just don’t see anyone that would be interested. Heck, I don’t even think people read the blogs that I post online now as it is. Maybe a handful of people here and there.

However, I always try and keep an open mind, that there will be that one person that read my blog and will benefit from it in a positive way. That is all I hope and pray for. I just want positivity to come to anyone who comes in contact with my writing. It is not always good. I am not always writing about positivity and sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes I get down to the nitty-gritty and it is not always pretty.

Regardless of the content; I want my blog to positively affect anyone who reads it.

Until next time.


#KristinaWrites #NationalBloggerDay

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