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National Almond Day!

Really?! This little nut gets a day dedicated to it! I am kidding, I am kidding. I can totally see why. It is a totally versatile nut. You can eat them raw, crushed into some flour, and even drink them as a milk alternative! When I first started removing meat from my diet almonds always came up as a vitamin alternative.

Just by consuming almonds on a regular basis you can up your vitamin intake of vitamin E, fiber, and even magnesium. There is speculation that they can assist in fighting heart disease, but I am no doctor so I cannot confirm that. But, if eating this nut can help my chances, I am all for it!

There are so many other things we can do with almonds on this National Almond Day. Here are some ideas.

· Grind them into flour to use as a crust for some almond crusted chicken bites. Bake them in the air fryer for a few minutes and you have a pretty good little snack for the meat eaters in your family.

· Grinding them with some peanuts and then adding some dark chocolate will make a very tasty almond spread, very similar to ‘Nutella’. Spread that on toast, bagels, or crackers, and no one will complain.

· Course chop and grind some to use as a flour replacement when making a very yummy vegan meatloaf. Instead of meat you can use mashed chickpeas! Whoa, before you die from this suggestion; it is tasty! Add your normal meatloaf spices and it is fantastic.

Above all else, have fun with these little nuts! No reason to be serious all the time. Chomp on a handful and share a handful with some friends! Above all else, have a great day!

Until Next Time.


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