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Napoli’s Pizza & Restaurant - Wylie

I have been to several Napoli’s Pizza & Restaurant locations; but never this location. And I am extremely disappointed in myself that I waited this long to get here! It is located at 701 N.Hwy 78, Wylie and Gino, the owner, was very welcoming.

When we walked in we were greeted immediately and seated at a perfect table right in front of the bar. The atmosphere inside the restaurant was very calming and welcoming at the same time. It was not too bright and overzealous by any means. Our waiter was Tyler and he was very attentive to our every need. He actually recommended a great dish for a member of the group who was not an Italian food fan.

There were four people in our party and this is what we ordered:

Can I just start with the Oh-My-Good-Ness biscuits and tomato sauce! These biscuits are so delicious, and I was not even guilty about eating THREE of them!

Appetizer: mozzarella & tomato cl caprese - stacks of fresh tomato basil, fresh mozzarella cheese, and red onions served with extra virgin oil and balsamic vinegar dressing

Luis: chicken fettuccine alfredo - the classic noodle with a cream-based sauce

Kristina: eggplant parmesan with meatless sauce - egg battered eggplant baked in our homemade tomato sauce & topped with mozzarella cheese

Kathleen: small cheese & spinach pizza -

Julian: chicken piccata - sauteed in a lemon sauce, white wine, and topped with capers

I can only speak personally about my meal. I have ordered eggplant parmesan from Napoli’s before and I always get it without the meat sauce, because I don’t eat meat. The serving size of this portion was enormous! I was barely able to eat half of it and I ended up taking the rest home. However, I can say this was fantastic and I was plenty full at the end of the meal.

What I was even more impressed with was Julian and his meal. He is not a fan of Italian food and we were all a bit worried about what he was going to order or enjoy for that matter. He absolutely loved his meal and was so satisfied with it! I was very happy that he was open to trying something new and not only that, he admittedly loved it!

There is nothing to negatively critique here. From the moment we hit the door to the moment we left; everyone and everything was wonderful. To top it off; Tyler even scored two free desserts! So, I was able to enjoy a piece of the best chocolate cake I have had in years!

We all know not everything is ever perfect, right?! So, if I must have one critique; here it is; the portions. I do think that the portions are a bit large, too large. Every person in my group had a to-go box of food because we simply could not finish it all. That in itself may be a bit wasteful, just in my opinion.

I do recommend visiting and generating your own opinion!

Until Next Time!


**If you are a business owner and you want an HONEST review of your restaurant: Contact me through my Website.

**If you are a business owner and you want an HONEST review of a competing restaurant: Contact me through my Website.

Napoli’s Pizza & Restaurant - Gino [Owner] Cell 646-285-2066

Napoli’s FaceBook Page

Flower Child Physical Address: 701 N.Hwy 78, Wylie, Tx 75098

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