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My New Love On Prints Doormat Played on All of My Feelings!

Have you ever seen something that you wanted so badly but you enlisted your "second-guessing" and put off your purchase for entirely too long? I certainly hope I am not the only one. But I am pretty certain that I am not!

This is especially true when it comes to my one and only precious pooch Beatty! She is a Jack Russell Terrier and she is quite honestly the best pet I have ever had in my life. She can read my emotions like no other! She knows when my anxiety is at its peak, she knows when I need to just sit in my recliner and relax, and she knows when I need to get up and put some pep in my step.

One thing I can guarantee is that she listens to everything that I say, and she never tells anyone!

These are only a few reasons why it was so easy for me to make this purchase. I needed a new doormat for my apartment anyway. So when I saw this one advertised on social media I began to consider it. My only drawback was the price. Anyone that knows me knows that I am cheap. And when I saw a $40 price tag on this I strongly reconsidered. It was not the fact that I did not think she was worth it, in all honesty, I guess I did not think I was worth it. Thankfully, my husband told me to buy it!

Two weeks later it was on my doorstep. Actually, two weeks to the day of purchase it was at my doorstep. Which was pretty phenomenal. Especially since I bought it off of a link I found initially on social media. So that was my first bit of anxiety with this purchase. I have had experiences that have not been so great with social media purchases. I can say unequivocally this did not happen this time. It was an easy and smooth transaction.

I placed the order on May 7 and I received it on my doorstep on May 24. I did not have to give any banking or financial information over social media because I was able to put it through my secure PayPal account. My anxiety began releasing slowly and slowly until I just embrace the purchase and fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.

Once I opened it up and I saw the quality, the vivid and bright colors, and the fact that it really does look just like my dog; it was a win in my book! I have since decided to not make this an outside doormat. I just do not want it to get ruined by the elements. However, since I live in an apartment I am going to use it as a transfer doormat from the ceramic tile to the carpet. This will ensure that where that transition is will not get worn out sooner than need be.

I really hope you watch the video of the un-boxing because I received a letter inside explaining the care of it and I thought that was very sincere. I like when sellers truly put their customers first. And this seller did. Check them out HERE so that you can purchase one of your own. They have several different kinds for several different animals and I am sure that you will find one that will suit you and your family.

Watch the unboxing video HERE

Until next time.


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