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My Guilty Pleasure...Cupcakes

I become more and more fascinated by the items or events that are showcased on so-called holidays. But today, this one takes the ‘cake’; literally! Today is more than just December 15; it is not only National Cupcake Day, but also National LEMON Cupcake Day!

Cupcakes have become one of the most sought after portable sweet desserts known to man! They started with just being a basic chocolate or vanilla flavor; however, now they are multiple flavors with creams and fillings, sprinkles, and swirls! One point I love about cupcakes is that they are the apple of everyone’s eye; young to old.

When you add the fact that it is also National LEMON Cupcake Day; now you have caught my interest! Lemon cupcakes are my fav! I love being in my kitchen, mixing a batch of lemon batter to bake the fluffiest cupcakes ever! Only to fill with a nice lemon custard and top with an even more flavorful lemon and vanilla cream cheese frosting!

Fun Fact:

Did you know that cupcakes made their debut in the 17th & 18th centuries!

My blood sugar has just jacked up an additional 100 points just thinking about these sweet little treats! If you have a fav cupcake recipe, feel free to share it here and others can enjoy it as well!

Until Next Time.


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