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My Anti-Bucket List

Everyone has one of these, right? A list of things that you hope and pray you never have to do. I can think of many generalized points. I never want to be forced to bury a loved one. Or I never want to be forced to testify against a friend. We all know I cannot lie worth a darn! Here are just a few more things that need to be added to this anti-bucket list of mine.

  • Divorce. I never want to be apart from my husband. He is truly my rock.

  • Being fired. Being fired from a job is so much more stressful than leaving willingly.

  • Experiencing a major personal injury or illness. I am a much better caretaker of others than I am for myself.

  • Being in jail or incarcerated. I cannot imagine what in the world I would be incarcerated for. But here is to pray that it never happens!


There are just a couple of extreme stressors that people experience. I know it is going to sound crazy but another one that is just personal to me; winning the lottery. I purposely do not play the lottery because I never want to take the chance of winning it. There are always tragic stories attached to lottery winners.

They are too often than not pinpointed, scammed for money, they change; both emotionally and mentally. In my heart of hearts, I do not believe that the lottery is anything that anyone should partake in. I don’t think that it is good in the slightest. I know that is not a popular opinion across the board. But that is just my opinion. My husband buys the occasional lottery ticket and so do most of my in-laws and friends. It is just not for me.

I write these blogs to get things off of my chest and to just feel a little lighter at the end of the day. Today was a good day at work. It was much less stressful than yesterday, which I dreadfully needed. I feel like I am doing a lot of good for people. I am helping some people get their medical supplies on time while I am helping other people get their business advertisements out there to bring in an income. I seem to have my hand in so many different projects; I just hope I am not leaving anyone out.


In the evening once I get home from my regular job; I like to relax with a glass of wine and my blog. Which is precisely what is happening right now :-) I am doing a lot of work on social media now. Much of it is pro bono just so that I can help bring customers in the doors of people’s businesses. I am not really into it so much for the money as I am just keeping food on people’s tables. I think that is why I charge such minimal fees for my services. It’s okay. I get the job done and that is what matters.

If you want to chat then email me or text me. My phone number and email are all over my webpage so I’m not going to waste the space to put it here. Have a great evening and get some much-needed rest.

Until next time;



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