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Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting Kit - Will Be a HIT

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Luna Bean is the easiest casting kit out there right now! Yes, it is DIY. However, that is what makes it great - do it your way! It is perfect for friends, an adult and a child, and even more than that; it is a perfect wedding or anniversary gift!

  • The bucket is larger than normal and there are more than average molding supplies provided to accommodate.

  • The rubber is extra rubbery in order to capture each and every little crevice [or memory] you choose.

  • Luna Bean is a great gift for practically everyone, no matter the occasion. There is always a reason to preserve a memory.

  • The perfect way to DIY an adventure with kids and teach them that anything is possible to do!

Not to mention that when it is done; it is able to be decorated!

Grab the paint, glitter, gems, and any decoration you want, and go wild!

Everything you need is included so there will not be any disappointment when you open it up and you need to run to the store for something.

Pictures for your Reference:

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