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Just Write It!

Have you ever felt the yearning so deep in your belly to do something that you cannot get relief until it is done? That is how I feel about writing. I do not ever ask myself why I do it because there really is no answer. I just do. I write because some days I feel like I do not have anyone that wants to listen to what I have to say, so I write it down. I write because some days my interests literally only interest me; however, that is so hard for me to believe because in my mind everyone should want to be interested in something. I write because I want to be supportive of someone else. I write for other people because I love to watch their facial expressions as they read my words. In these days everyone has stress, I write to relieve stress. I may write a new recipe to share with the world as a positive while a few hours later I may write something so very controversial because it is what is on my mind in that moment.

One thing is for sure, my writing is not made to degrade or make anyone feel less than. I only write to bring awareness, education, and joy to those who read it.

Enjoy this picture of my dog basking in the sun!

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