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“Is Omission of Information; Actually a Lie”

Hey, all of my readers! If you have been following my posts then you know I have been writing off of blogger prompts. These are prompts that basically give you an idea of what to write about. This is the thing; I have enjoyed doing these simply because it eliminates the restrictions that I have been putting on myself as far as writing is concerned. Today the prompt is a very interesting one, and you will soon see why I say that.

“Is Omission of Information; Actually a Lie”

This is a very tricky prompt for me. Simply because I have been playing the “omission card” for decades. Only recently have I begun to just stop denying. If you know me personally you know that I have a son. And I am extremely proud of my son. He is a young man in the military, serving our country; in another country. If anyone ever asks me if I have children I always tell them about my son. What amazes me is that no one asked me “Is he your only child”. I had a few people ask me this and I have come up with some humdrum explanation that is not quite a lie but it is an omission of information.

I am not big on lying. However; I am an adult and I am done lying or hiding. My son is not my only child. I actually have four children total. My son in the military is my youngest child and he is the only one that I have communication with on a regular basis. Now, I know for a fact that many of my close friends are thinking to themselves; what in the world is she talking about! Well here is the very short version that I will disclose in this blog.


My first two children were born while I was a ward of the state and I was not legally allowed to keep them in my custody. The state took them, not because I was a bad parent but because I was not of legal age to be a parent while the state was taking care of me. My first daughter went with her father. My second daughter, I fought for. Because I found a perfect adopting family that would treat her spectacularly, and I wanted that for her so badly. I actually won and I was able to legally turn her over to them and they were able to legally adopt her. My third child is a boy and I was not allowed to be part of his life; if I was not willing to be with his father. A very long and drawn-out story will obviously tell you that I was not willing to be with his father. His biological father took my son and left.

I have no contact with my first daughter and my first son. I have only recently begun to have contact with my second daughter who was adopted. Now before the judgment starts to fly; please know that my husband and my son both know about my children. I have never kept this from them or lied to them about this. However, please understand this is not something that is dinner table topic worthy.


If my children were to reach out to me today for any type of information of course I would not deny them that. I would answer any and all questions that they had, honestly. There is no reason for me to hide any of this any longer we are all adults. My childhood sucked which interned forced my children’s childhood to suck. I can only hope that the children they have do not encounter the same thing. I would love for the cycle to have been broken. I know where my youngest son is concerned, the cycle is broken. He will be a spectacular father to his children because he has seen firsthand how difficult it has been as a parent.

Well, this prompt took a lot out of me. A lot more than I expected. This is one of the main reasons why I am so content within my church family. My church is based on forgiveness and loving one another. These are two things that I never experienced growing up so they are definitely two things that I am embracing right now.

You all have a fantastic evening!


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