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Is COVID-19 a Mental Illness Too?!

It should be no surprise to anyone that the fear of COVID-19 carries a huge negative effect on their own mental wellbeing. The sheer fear of contracting an illness that still, to this date, have so many unanswered questions. Gathering and attempting to maintain stress during a pandemic are already issues that are on the verge of being impossible. Adding to that the fact that you still need to portray the image that you have it all together…now, that is impossible. The important point is to define and pinpoint the source of the stress. If it is, in fact; COVID-19 that is causing the stress then there are ways to assist in curbing the tolerance of that.


4 Ways COVID-19 Affects Our Mental Health

Grief is a very common reaction to any loss. Whether that loss is associated with a death of a loved one or the loss of a career or even the loss of a once good health status. Grief can and will be present at every step with COVID-19.

Worry is self-consuming and can stifle even the best financial planner. Many people are out of work; whether it is from their jobs closing for COVID-19 recovery or if they are individually out of work while they themselves recover. Financial worry is a real, very real, mental stressor.

Social distancing can be more of a negative than a positive in a heartbeat! We love our family, that goes without saying. It is the fact of social isolation with only your family in sight that can trigger unwarranted anxiety and even sadness. When reality sets in and a person is with their family, day in and day out, it can cause bouts of frustration and even depression.

Fear is a major symptom of anxiety and can be made worse by someone harboring fear over contracting COVID-19. That fear may be regarding themselves, family, and even friends or coworkers; but it is nonetheless, real. When fear is allowed to take the forefront, it can negatively affect a person’s appetite, sleep, and even their day-to-day livelihood.


4 Suggestions to Halt COVID-19 from Negatively Affecting You

Turn off the TV and radio. Too much news media can most definitely have a negative impact on a person's mental wellbeing. Of course, it is necessary to stay on top of the most important news; however, there is no need to become submerged in it.

Experiment with healthy foods. By eating healthy it only satisfies a growing brain and healthy lifestyle in and out of isolation. This is a great activity to involve the entire family. Introducing children to healthy foods at an early age can be a positive life altering change.

Branch out and learn about new technology that is available. Experiment with video chatting while keeping in touch with family and friends. Utilize different methods of communication, such as social media, and mainstream phone calls to keep up to date and in contact with one another.

Keeping active and moving is critical to a healthy mind, body, and soul. There are several ways to do this and stay COVID-19 free. Learn to dance at home, take up yoga, or even go for a walk outdoors. If social distancing is practiced, then all should be fine. A daily balance of exercise can be just the right amount needed to set an already stressed or anxious mind at ease.


In Conclusion

COVID-19 can and will touch each person nationwide, in some form or fashion, whether it is directly or indirectly. As responsible humans we just need to know our breaking point and be aware of when we need to ask for help. Whether that help is through a medical professional or simply a friend to listen to our rants for a moment.

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