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iPhone XR Case

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have a fascination with sloths and llamas. So, it was no surprise when my husband bought me the phone case - The Sloth Hugged the is pushed for women and girls; however, I see no reason why a male cannot enjoy it as well. Here are just a few features of the iPhone XR Case that I appreciate.

  • The iPhone XR Case fits my phone perfectly. There is literally no give where the fit is concerned.

  • The buttons for the speaker volume and power are easily marked with gold and they are just as easily accessible.

  • The ridge all the way around the phone is high enough to protect the screen in case I did not have a protector. I do have a screen protector; however, if I did not have it, I would feel secure enough to still use this case.

  • The cutout for the charger at the bottom is at the perfect location and it is recessed perfectly to allow for the charger to be attached with zero issues.

  • The camera ridge is also raised and allows for safety where the camera is concerned. The cutout is the perfect location and does not interfere with the view at all.

  • The ability to use my wireless charger without removing the case is a huge deal as well. I despised taking my old case off just to use a wireless charger.

My husband bought me this case after I all but destroyed my last case by putting a ring and a credit card holder on the back of it. The verdict is still out as to whether or not this new case will get either of those. I like it that much that I do not want to alter it at this point.

Just keep in mind that this case is specific to the iPhone XR that is 6.1 inches. With all the different iPhone versions out there I just want you all to be aware of which phone it actually coincides with.

Thanks for Reading, and Sharing;


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