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Hot Pancakes; Yes, Please!

Breakfast was at a spot we have not been to in ages, and I am so glad we went back! At first glance, you would not think that the place itself would be much appealing at all. Especially since it is in a shopping center at a gas station. But that is far from true. Let me walk you through the experience and hopefully, you can go check them out and be your own judge.

Anyone who is familiar with my blogging is already aware that I do not eat meat, but my husband does. So this review will involve both sides of the fence. But I want you to know that this restaurant has healthy options, as well as gluten-free options too.

My order was a vegetarian omelette, wheat toast, with pumpkin spice pancakes. Without exaggerating I can honestly tell you that this was the best vegetarian omelette that I have had in ages. It was seasoned well, the vegetables were cut into bite-size pieces and not huge chunks, and it was not greasy or buttery. When the plate came, the toast was even still warm, so I know it wasn't sitting up there. I asked for sugar-free syrup with the pumpkin spice pancakes and there was not even a question to it, the waitress set it on the table and smiled. The pumpkin spice pancakes were very good. They were very thick though, however, the taste was on point.

My husband ordered the fried sausage with two pancakes, he ended up getting Oreo pancakes, and he got two extra pieces of sausage. Now, I was not able to try any of his food because he ordered meat. However, what they did with this breakfast I literally have not seen anywhere else. They took a sausage patty and dipped it into a batter and deep-fried it. The order comes with two of those patties covered in gravy. Needless to say, my husband was a very happy man! He said it was fantastic.

Our waitress, Samantha, was so very nice and informative. I just had coffee and my husband had water, but we never actually had to ask for refills. Either she or one of the other waitresses was always walking around with a pitcher of water or a coffee pot to refill drinks. She checked on us to make sure that our meal was good and we were satisfied, but she did not "over" check on us. What I mean by that is she was not annoying coming to the table too much.

I do want to add that this place is busy! From the time we walked in the door until the time we walked out there was a line. It is quite small in size but they have a process, and they follow it, and it works. You can definitely tell that they know what they are doing, and what they are doing is working. The entire time we were there we did not hear any customers complaining about their food or their drinks. Everyone was talking and jovial. And the atmosphere was very nice.

The bill was $33. After leaving the tip it was a fair price for a great breakfast. You could tell that the food was fresh, and the people that were in that kitchen really cared about what they were serving.

Would I recommend going back here? Absolutely. Would I recommend someone else go here? Absolutely. When you go; let me know how you liked it!

Until Next Time,


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Hot Pancakes: 3601 N Jupiter Rd, Richardson, TX 75082

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