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Happy Homecoming Beatty!

Today is a very special day for me…and my dog; Beatty Suzanna Riggs-Velazquez. Yes, that is her entire legal name. When Beatty came to us it was via my friend and coworker. She found a litter of puppies basically abandoned under a truck and asked the people at work if we would take one. I cleared it with my husband and we gained; Beatty. She was so tiny when we first got her. I was not even sure what breed she was. We just knew she was small and needed love just as much as she was willing to give it!

As the months passed she went for her checkups and shots and that was when the veterinarian told us she was a Jack Russell Terrier. We were fine with that, Beatty was going to be a small dog and fit perfectly into our small family. She fell in love with my son and husband, but she was always ‘my dog’. I love her unconditionally and always have.

Days like today make me remember the times Beatty was tiny and learning; making me smile every step of the way. She listens to me no matter what. She loves to jump up in my recliner and watch a movie with me at any time. My life now is complete with my husband, son, and Beatty.

So, to many more years with us Beatty! Happy Homecoming Day! We All Love You!

Thank You For Reading;

Kristina [Beatty's Mommy]

P.S. If you click on her name, the links will take you to some of her fav toys on Amazon. Pick one up for your furry friend so they can enjoy them as well!

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