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Gun Violence Still Does Not Make Sense

No matter how I try to interrupt it; I do not understand it. I do not understand how a person can pick up a gun and want to maliciously hurt or even kill another human being. How?! Why?! Especially, a child?! What the hell is happening?! I am writing this because yesterday a teenager opened fire at Robb Elementary School and killed 19 children and 2 adults. For what?! Certainly not for fame, because the shooter is dead now as well. Gunned down by the police, from what I have read on newsfeed. None of it makes sense to me.

I am not against people owning guns, let me make that clear. I am however against the senseless use of them. They are ending up in the hands of people who are not mentally capable to control themselves, let alone control themselves with a gun. So, the solution is not to take guns away from everyone. Maybe a solution would be education, training, or being more vocal if there is an issue. Maybe…

Some people say that gun violence is spreading through social media. Because people can make specific meeting groups and rooms that are specific to being negatively charged or specific to being partial to gun violence. But is there no control over that or no way to monitor or sensor it? Are there really no ways to monitor the violence that is being bred in those specific rooms?!

I am thankful I have poured myself into my church. I have found a solid church family at Blueprint Community Church. We love one another and we pray for one another. We have been praying for all involved in this senseless gun violence situation right before school was dismissed for the summer. I will continue to pray for all involved. I want to pray for answers, but not for me. For the ones that were affected directly by this.

God & Prayer are needed so much more than anything else in our world.

I don’t have anything else to say…I am at a loss right now.

Until Next Time,


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