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Guilt Is Leaving...

I think guilt has finally begun to leave my body where most people are concerned. I was once surrounded by people that drew off of my anxiety or my guilt for having anxiety. Because I often felt as though I was putting them out. I would overextend myself to make sure that I could do something for someone else. Over these past few months, I have begun to learn that is a bunch of crap! I am tired of doing that. I am tired of accepting the fact that I can feel bad for someone else to feel good. That makes no sense! And I refuse to do that any longer.

I have been reading self-help books, reading my devotional, throwing myself into God's word, and realizing I am a pretty good person just the way I am. If other people don't like that then that is a problem that they need to deal with. Certainly not something I need to deal with, for them. I have really been doing a lot of soul-searching through reading. Anybody that knows me, knows that I write. I am a blogger. But lately, reading has been my vice. Here are just a few things that I have realized about myself, and I just want to share them.

If there is no reason to feel guilty, then don't. Guilt can be unwarranted because everyone has moved on to the next step and forgotten about me. Well, I have started to forget about the "me part" and since I have done that it sure has opened my eyes quite a bit. It has made me realize that I have been carrying around a lot of guilt for absolutely no reason. Because in the first place the people that forgot about me were not on my side anyway.

Going into "reminder mode" has certainly helped as well. This means I am taking the negative reminders out of my brain and certainly trying to replace them with positive ones. I make lists about things constantly and instead of allowing myself to include anything negative on my list, I don't. By doing this I am finding out there are a lot more positive things in my life that I had no idea about.

This is a tough one. But I have begun to realize that it is okay for me to say that I need something. Or that it is okay for me to say that I have a need that needs to be met. And instead of everyone else coming to me expecting that. This has been very difficult for me to do because it has forced me to put others behind me. And that is not something that I am used to at all.

This always boils down to the same thing that people have told me for years and I have just disregarded. It is vital for me to establish boundaries early on in a relationship. Whether that relationship is a personal one, a business one, or otherwise. There need to be boundaries set immediately. Because one of the easiest ways for guilt to creep in is when there are no boundaries and everything is just done on a whim or unexpectedly. I can't live like that any longer and expect to be happy.

This is just my own little personal rant. Nothing major, but like I always say; you are on my own personal blog so you never know what you're going to read. Luckily this time, it was pretty innocent. But I was able to get this off my chest and because of that; I feel a hell of a lot better!

Until next time!


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