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Flower Child: Dallas

Updated: Apr 24

I know, I know…sometimes I am told that I am over the top with the food that I eat. However, when I tell you that the food at Flower Child was right up my alley; I am not exaggerating one single bit! My husband and I took an afternoon in Dallas and decided to venture out for lunch. This adventure landed us right smack dab in front of Flower Child @ 2101 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas, TX 75201.

By eating vegan/vegetarian I am still losing pounds and feeling stronger by the day so I wanted to stay on that track. With a name like Flower Child, I knew they would be able to accommodate my tastebud. My husband, the meat eater, was equally surprised when he found out they served meat as well. This is what we ordered:

Husband: Steak, mac n cheese, and roasted cauliflower with a chocolate chip cashew cookie for dessert

Me: Glow Bowl with Tofu added and vegan chocolate pudding with almonds for dessert

I was so pleased with practically every aspect of this restaurant. The aura when you walk in is so calm and serene. The woman that was at the front register greeted us immediately and explained points on the menu board that we just needed some clarification on. She had some great recommendations and I ordered what she personally recommended to me. My husband is a tough nut to crack when it comes to hospitality; however, he even was impressed and said that the place was great, and the vibe was just what we needed.

I tend to notice things others do not when I visit restaurants. In this case as soon as a table was vacated there was someone there to clear and clean it. They did not simply remove plates and dry dust the table off. They removed dishes, and all items from the table, sprayed it, and then cleaned it. They are ensuring the tables are cleared and cleaned appropriately for the next guests. Then when I decided to talk to the gentleman doing the cleaning, I find out he is the General Manager of the restaurant! Are you kidding me?! I was impressed. Far too often, the ‘higher ups’ think they are too good for clearing tables. It was refreshing to see this was not the case here.

Now, for the food. There is nothing negative to say about what we enjoyed. Flower Child served my husband cauliflower that he enjoyed! That is a win in my book! The tofu dish I had was excellent. The tofu was cooked and seared, which most places do not bother with. Far too often they just cut it and they are done. It was refreshing to see this was not the case here. Going the extra mile on small points such as that are big to customers, especially ones that value what they eat.

One thing I can say was refreshing; the fact that when we were done, we were full but not full to the point of disgust. Our stomachs were satisfied, but not to the point of discomfort. The portion sizes were perfect. My husband even insisted I try his macaroni and cheese because he swore it was the best he has ever had.

All in all, we highly recommend Flower Child to others. I would say adults moreover than children, just because there are not really any types of entertainment for children there. This is an ideal environment for a work lunch, small group lunch, or a pop-in as my husband and I experienced.

Until Next Time!


**If you are a business owner and you want an HONEST review of your restaurant: Contact me through my Website.

**If you are a business owner and you want an HONEST review of a competing restaurant: Contact me through my Website.

Flower Child Website

Flower Child Physical Address: 2101 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas, TX 75201.

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