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Fire TV Stick : Do You Need One?

My husband has introduced me to this Fire TV Stick recently and I am smitten. I do not know why it is, but whenever he buys new techy stuff I make him ‘sell’ it to me as to why it is so important for us to have this new fangled item.

When I asked about the Fire TV Stick he was ready to fire off all of the positives without hesitation.

  • It is convenient and small enough to plug right into the back of our TV, to be unseen. While at the same time offering up all of the apps on the TV at a finger's touch. Some of the apps are Netflix, HULU, Prime Video, HBO, Disney+, Peacock, and YouTube.

  • I can also stream music while cleaning house or working directly through Amazon Music, Spotify, and even Pandora.

  • Setup is super simple because the stick plugs directly into the HDMI port on the TV and is virtually undetectable.

  • Everything is included so there are no last-minute runs to the store. You get the Fire TV stick, the Alexa voice remote, power adapter, USB cable, HDMI extender, and even the 2 AAA batteries for the remote.

One thing I thought was awesome was the voice controls! I can tell Alexa to turn the TV on, choose an app, and even tell her to play a certain show or movie. That is certainly pushing the whole voice-activation mode, but sometimes I just do not want to do anything…including pushing a few buttons on a remote :)

He was lucky enough to buy it on Black Friday so it was a little cheaper on Amazon, but even if you are a prime member it still is priced very reasonably. Ultimately, this little Fire TV Stick is saving us money by being able to access all these shows and movies.

We no longer need any cable or satellite service to have entertainment now, just the Fire TV Stick!

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