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Dear Isaac,

You are an adult now and as your mother, I am extremely proud of you. Not only for what you are doing now but for what you have done to grow into a phenomenal adult. Have always been proud of yourself? Yes. Through the ups and downs; always. Here’s why.

You never gave up. You never threw in the towel and just said screw it! You did have a perfect upbringing, I realize that. I was there to see it. I experienced it with you every step of the way. There were plenty of times where we both could have given up and just said screw it! But we did. We toughed it out and together we succeeded.

I remember when you were very young and we first moved to Texas; it was so confusing for you. You were in a brand-new state and you had no idea why. I pulled you away from all of your little friends and you did not know why. We were in a new place to live, and as calm as I tried to make sure that it was for you; I am no miracle worker. In the first few years of your life, we were sequestered off from the “regular world”. This was for our own good. For our own safety. However, once we got the green light that it was okay for us to be out in public, it was different. You fell in love with it.

I remember you loved the pork, sports, skateboarding, and anything athletic that had anything to do with being outside. I embraced that as much as I possibly could. I wanted you to have those wonderful memories. It was not all perfect and roses, I am sure. But I do believe that you had a pretty good childhood. I think you had a pretty good teenage life. And now that you are an adult and you are in charge of your decision; doing great!

You are serving in the military right now. But you still call home and check on mom. You are in another country right now. But you still call home and check on mom. We are on two totally different time zones, but you still call and check on mom. You were raised with values and you will raise to show love and affection appropriately. And watching you do this as an adult is absolutely precious.

I know someday you will be married and have children of your own. And I just cannot wait for that moment. That moment when you feel in your heart the unconditional love for your family that I feel for you. There is nothing that you can do in this world that will make me stop loving you. You just continue to be the God-fearing man that you are now. Continue to grow and learn and love appropriately. If you continue to do this, you can never fail.

Love always,


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