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COVID: Do I Have It or Not?!

Since the beginning of 2019 every time someone sniffled or sneezed next to me, I prayed that I would not get COVID. I have had the basics, like flu, strep, and the common cold. I have never been so scared of an illness as I am of COVID. This is an illness that kills. And there is no general type of person that it attacks, it just latches on to every/any one possible.

I was not working with a company that shut down during COVID times. Our company stayed open the entire time. Mainly because we work for a distribution center that provides parts and supplies for those undergoing dialysis. Those patients need their materials to survive, and we were the only ones able to provide them at the time.

It seemed to have died off for a while now and suddenly it is back, full force. I live in Dallas County, and they are saying that we are closing in on being in the RED again! What the heck! Why?! Then within the past week I have had multiple people I know come down with COVID. They have reported that they have fever, chills, cough, and headaches. Once they test, just to rule it out, it is positive! Now, all my stressors are activated because I have sour throat and headache…is that enough to be tested? Probably not. However, it is enough to stress me the heck out!

I am big on prayer; we all know this. I am not sure if can pray myself healthy; but I am sure trying!

Until Next Time!


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