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Chickpeas Are Awesome!

There is literally a day dedicated to everything, I am realizing this. Today is National Chickpea Day and it has been a dedicated day since 2019. I suppose I had no idea this legume was so popular. Even though I love it, it makes me appreciate it more knowing it has such a title to live up to.

Chickpeas make up some amazing dishes; especially when speaking of a vegan or vegetarian diet. The main dish I am referring to is one of my favs; hummus! Anyone who knows me personally knows I love hummus on just about everything. However, people also enjoy them in salads and even in soups. I am not a fan of garbanzo bean soup, so I guess I miss out on that.

Above all else, remember this, the Middle Eastern cuisine would not be the same with the famed and celebrated chickpea!

Until Next Time.


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