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Checklists Keep My Brain in Order

I know, I know…it may sound weird. But checklists are a great way to keep my brain and everything that is floating around in there, in order. At any given moment I can have so many projects going on, I may very well easily lose track of something. People think I am so organized; however, I give all the glory to the multitude of checklists I have working.

Here are just a few things that I have learned about two specific checklists that I thought might be useful to someone else. Share the mental wealth, so to speak!

1. To-Do List: this is the most popular kind of checklist and seems like everyone is familiar with this. They can be detailed or basic; whichever the user chooses. I like to just make these as general as possible. I usually use a to-do list for more of a detailed or long-term goal that needs to be completed. It continues to remind me where I am at on each project. One thing that is important to include on this checklist is a dated timeline spot. This will ensure that timelines are met and not forgotten.

2. Coordination List: this is a very specific checklist and one that I really had a hard time grasping at first. However, now I love it! This is used when you are in a group, and each person has a specific responsibility. This checklist can include the responsibilities of each member, dates to be completed by, and even the benefits of each members responsibility. This is a great checklist to use when the members are not local to each other or are working remotely with the group.

One great point to remember from the use of checklists is that it keeps everyone on task and helps everyone prepare and plan. Not only that, but it also helps me give clear direction as to where I am to others who are waiting n an update from me. Let’s face it; I cannot remember every single one of the tops of my head. I need a reference. Luckily, these two checklists have been excellent reference points for me. Hope they help you too.

Until Next Time.


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