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Carnivore to Vegan to Vegetarian; What’s Next?

For the first 40ish years of my life, I ate meat with my meals. I was told it was the best way to get my vitamins. That lifestyle is what I believe assisted in my enormous weight gain of being over 200 pounds overweight! That, and the fact that I had terrible eating habits, I smoked menthol cigarettes, and I despised the thought of even taking a walk to the mailbox let alone take a walk to lose weight!

Changes had to be made; first the cigarettes had to go! And they did. I found it way to easy to quit smoking. I thought I was going to have withdrawals and the whole nine yards; but nothing. I quit when we had a snowstorm so going to the corner store was not happening. I cleaned my apartment to get the smell of smoke out of it. By the time the snow let up; I did not even want them anymore. One obstacle tackled! Onward!

Now, time to face the fact that I had horrible eating habits. I decided to test myself on this and I made a New Years Resolution to be vegan for one week. I was interesting, but seriously a lot of work. There is a ton of research that goes into being a new vegan. I had not idea what jicama or bok choy even was; but I was going to eat it! I did it for the first week of the year, and I survived. So, I decided to go longer. Then longer. I lasted all year, and I was proud of myself. I even got my husband to enjoy some vegetables too!

Being on a budget and being vegan is not always a ‘doable’ act. Eating out at a restaurant in the Dallas area and keeping it vegan can be pricey. So, the decision was made for me not to limit myself to only brussels sprouts and collard greens; but to venture into the world of vegetarianism. This would allow for some animal based products that would not break the bank. Like eggs, I would be able to have eggs as a vegetarian.

I must give my husband credit through all of this; he is not a lover of vegetables. However, he has been trying new things right along with me. I make a breaded and seasoned egg plant dish that he really loves. By thinly slicing eggplant I bread it and season it, then grill it off in the oven until they are crispy. I use the eggplant as the ‘noodle’ layer of a lasagna dish with sauce and cheese. Once it is baked and bubbly in the oven; it is fantastic!

Now that I have eliminated meat; entirely, I feel so much better. I can physically feel my body feeling better if that makes sense. I have lost so much weight I am wearing jeans 10 sizes smaller than I was wearing 5 years ago! My friends and coworkers ask me a lot what in the world I have done. My answer is simple; change what and how I eat. I do not expect to be a Barbie doll, but I expected weight loss and I am achieving that.

Let me know what you are planning on changing to make you a better you!

Cannot Wait to Hear from You!


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