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Can You Force Motivation?

Regardless of what your motivation is directed towards; you can fake it or force it, if you are good. And nowadays, you must be that good to convince those around you that you are in fact that motivated individual they need in their own lives. Because face it, we are all here for someone else to achieve their own self-gratification. But what happens when you don’t feel motivated? How can you fake it, or force it? Here is what I have figured out so far.


I attribute a lot of my comparisons to my own life. Between my home life, work life, and trying to build my own business; there are so many times I must fake it to make it. First, I always sit back to really consider why I am having issues with motivation in the first place. I do this before I even start to build a plan. I figure if I do not know why, I won’t know how to fix it in the future either. This is a perfect opportunity to realize that not every solution works for everyone as well. Every single person is different, and we all need different approaches.

Psych Myself Out

This is tough for some, believe it or not. But, not for me. I can psych myself out for many things that most have an issue with. I can easily trick myself into be happy, for whatever reason. Most often than not, I can trick my brain into being motivated, and my body follows. Instead of sitting around in PJs all day I get showered and dressed in comfy clothes, then the day seems doable. Much more doable than it seems while I am in my lazy-days clothes.

Argue With Yourself

So, this one might be a little more difficult. You do not want to make yourself look crazy in front of others. When being motivated is an issue, you will always make a list of why you cannot do something or why something will not work. Argue that with yourself. Why should there be all negatives with nothing standing up against them?! So, when you think of the negatives, sound off with the positives. If you think to yourself that you cannot do something; speak it into existence as to why you CAN do that same action. It is much harder to act negatively against something that has been physically spoken into existence.

Be Good to Yourself

Being too critical on yourself can be detrimental to your wellbeing. You might think you need to be hard on yourself to get yourself going, but you really don’t. showing yourself self-compassion and self-love can be much more beneficial. You must remember that first and foremost you must love yourself first. It took me years to figure this out, but I finally did and now I am loving myself into motivation! Not only that but imagine how much it will help with your mental health. When you learn to talk to yourself as a true-blue best friend would talk to you; then you have figured it all out.


I am certain that with you trying these little tidbits out you will be doing great on the motivation front. Just do not lie to yourself anymore. I have been lying to myself for years and this past week I ended up in the hospital. I was severely dehydrated and had such a migraine I was in tears. I was scared to death and literally thought I was going to die from a heart attack or a stroke. But I never gave up. I never gave in. I had my husband by my side the entire time and I pulled through and was discharged with some great information on how to better myself.

I will be doing just that, attempting to better myself. Every. Single. Day.

Love You All;


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