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Brain Dump Of The Day

So I Have This List That I Printed Off Over A Year Ago That Has All Of These Fantastic Ideas For Blogs. One Of Their Ideas Is To Do A Brain Dump. I Just List Everything That's On My Mind Right Now So I Can Let It Go. I'm Pretty Sure That No One Is Going To Be Interested In This, Except Maybe Me Five Years Down The Road When I Reread This. But Hell Why Not, Here Goes.

Today Was A Very Stressful Day At Work As My Boss Was Not There So I Was Having To Cover Several Different Positions. Answering Emails That I Generally Do Not Answer; However, It Does Not Mean I Did Not Know How To Answer Them. It Was Just Basically Having More Stuff Added To My Plate. She Is Off Again On Monday. Which Gives Me The Weekend To Recuperate. So That's Promising At Least. I Love My Job So I Am Never Going To Think Of That As Anything Negative. Because I Know More Than Anyone Else How Important It Is To Have A Day Off Here And There. And I Am Just Going To Go Out There And Say This; She Is An Amazing Boss And I Am Lucky To Have Her.

I Am Still Trying To Process The Information That My Doctor Gave Me Yesterday When She Called Me About The Mri Of My Hip. Basically, The Muscle Is Shredded And My Hip Is Bone-On-Bone. I Have Tendonitis In My Leg And In My Gluteus Maximus. Better Known As My Butt. It Is Extremely Painful. She Is Going To Refer Me Back To The Orthopedic Specialist And We Are Going To Go From There. At This Point, I Have No Idea What To Expect. She Keeps Telling Me That Surgery Is The Last Option. But I Don't Hear Her Saying That Surgery Is Not An Option. I Am So Worried About Having The Surgery Because Then I Will Be Immobile And I Am Not Sure Who Will Take Care Of My House, Or My Husband For That Matter.

I Had The Maintenance Crew In My Apartment Today Fix My Air Conditioner Because It Broke Yesterday. It Was Of Course More Than Just The Air Conditioner. The Motor Burned Out And Then They Blew A Breaker. So They Had All Of These Extra Things To Fix. Ultimately I Am At Work So There Is Nothing That I Could Do. And My Husband Is At Home Waiting For Them To Get Done So That He Can Go To Work. So Ultimately He Was Late To Work. That Was Just An Interesting Event, To Say The Least. I Say All That And Right Now The Ac Is Fixed. So That Is What Matters.

The Workload For My Writing Company Has Been Scaled Back A Lot. This Has Been Purposefully Done Because It Is Becoming Increasingly Painful For Me To Sit At A Desk. And Since I Sit At A Desk For My Regular Job I Do Not Want To Sit At A Desk Again For My Side Job. I Feel Bad That I Have Had To Turn Contracts Away; However, My Regular Customers Completely Understand.

That Pretty Much Wraps It Up For Today. I Am At Home Now Drinking A Glass Of Wine And Relaxing. Exactly How My Friday Evening Should Be. You All Have A Great Weekend, Be Blessed, And Do Something Else For Someone.

Until Next Time.


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