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Brain Dump #762022

Have you ever had so much on your mind that you literally cannot do anything but think about it? Of course, it is not just going to be one or two different things; It will be 10,000! That is exactly how I feel right now.

My son is getting ready to come back to the United States. As many of you know he is in the military and has been stationed in another country for quite some time. While he has been gone he has fallen in love and got married to a wonderful girl. From what I see she treats him wonderfully, and vice versa. However, I don’t really need to be involved in that because that is their marriage. I am trying to be a respectful parent and give them their space. And I will. I am not saying it is going to be easy, but I am saying that it will be done.

Not only that, my job is very taxing lately. I work in a generalized position in a distribution center. I am the head customer service agent and I have to deal with issues every single day. It becomes a little overwhelming and irritating when I see others that don’t have nearly as much on their plate as I do. I want to be able to give them tasks and give them chores, but I can’t. Because in order to do that I have to train them to do it. And if I take the time to train them, I might as well do it myself. So that is an absolute Catch-22.

Once I get home then I tend to my #KristinaWrites duties. This is a company that I have been building, once again. I had it up and running for several years and I decided to close the doors. Now at the beginning of 2022, I opened them back up. However, I am having to completely rebuild my customer base and prove to everyone that I actually know what I’m doing. This has been an extremely large pill to swallow! But I am swallowing it!

Then there is the worry that I have for my husband. He is diabetic and has uncontrolled sugar levels. He is on multiple different medications and I try to cook very healthy meals for him. I know that he still goes too fast food places and I know that the people at his job still bring him food that is not healthy for him. Which drives me crazy! Because he should be able to just say no. But he doesn’t.

I finally closed one big door recently, and that was the reenlistment of our new lease for our apartment. In Texas, there is no cap on the rent that an apartment complex can charge you. And this year 2022 all apartment complexes have skyrocketed in their rent. We were not even sure if we were going to be able to stay here. But after some negotiations with our building management, we were actually given a very good rate. So we had to redo the lease & everything so that we have a roof over our heads for another year.

People tell me I need to spend more time thinking about myself. That is never going to happen. When I pray, I pray for the needs of others. When I pray for myself, I pray for strength. Simply because that is what I need to get through every day, strength. My resiliency is beginning to get worn out. But I don’t have any choice but to continue on. I will go when God decides it’s my time. Not a second earlier. So until then, I will not give up.

This is simply my Brain Dump #762022

Until next time.


#KristinaWrites #BrainDump

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