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Botox: What is It?

When you hear the word; Botox, what do you think of? Needles? Toxins? Pain?

You probably think of more than that; however, it does not need to be a negative experience at all. As a matter of fact, many people swear by it and the benefits that Botox offers. As with anything, research is crucial.

What Is Botox:

Botox is made from bacteria, specifically, bacteria that are found in the generalized environment we already live in. It is formed from a specific type of botulism toxin that is introduced to the skin via a needle in specific areas of the face to remove wrinkles in the most invasive way possible. This might sound like a bit too much for wrinkle relief; however, when it is introduced in small doses it is quite effective.

Once the injection is performed and the Botox is introduced to the problem area the toxin marries with the specific muscle region and assists in calming the nerves in that area. As the nerves are wanting to stress and press, the Botox is not allowing it to happen and therefore it forces the muscles to calm and the wrinkles to fade away.

Major Misconception:

Botox is used as an anti-aging regime for many. The important thing to remember is that it is not a miracle wrinkle cure and therefore will not magically remove wrinkles within one visit. Equipping yourself with reasonable expectations will allow you to appreciate and embrace the individual and realistic results you do receive. Botox is not able to eradicate all wrinkles on your face, it is specially formulated to relax expression wrinkles, as some may know them. It may take a few days for results to begin to show and your facial muscles may tingle and be a bit sensitive at first. These are both very normal reactions and will fade as the days go by.

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