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Hello Everyone,


Many of my friends, family and customers are under the weather. Whether it is Covid, the flu, strep, or now this Cedar Fever. It is hitting people hard, very hard. I hate being sick and yet; it got me too. I got tested for Covid and strep; both negative. Thank God! Due to this I am not really feeling like writing original content. So, I am going to post what I have available for immediate purchase to make your lives easier. I have been using two platforms; DotWriter and just simply a Word document I send you.

On the DotWriter site, below is what I have available for immediate purchase: to purchase a post from DotWriter click my PROFILE and choose the article you want. It will walk you through the very simple process of purchasing an article.

Now, I also have self-owned blogs that I sell direct at a flat rate of $10 apiece. You are able to message me which one[s] you are interested in and once the money is received, I will email the blogs directly to you.

Title: 4 Steps to a Healthy Pregnancy

617 words, 11-12th grade reading level

KWs - #mother 4%, #pregnancy 3%, #baby 2%, #healthy 2%

Title: 3 Ways to Obliterate the Holiday Stress

423 words, 9-10th grade reading level

KW: #holiday 3%, #season 2%, #resolutions 1%

Title: 3 Basic Vegan Ingredients

397 words, college student reading level

KW: #vegan 12%, #ingredients 2%, #hemp 2%, #veganism 2%

I do promise that once I feel better, I will post more and make up for the lost time.

Until then, please stay safe and healthy!

Thank You For Supporting My Small Business;


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